Practitioner Consultation – Dr. Khan


Practitioner / research consultation with our Medical Director Akbar Khan, MD, IMD, DHS, FAAO.

Medicor Cancer Centress / Sano Via Wellness Co-Founder and Medical Director
WONM (World Organization of Natural Medicine) Integrative Medical Doctor
WONM Doctor of Humanitarian Service
2023 WONM Humanitarian Health Icon Award Recipient
Fellow of the American Academy of Ozone Therapy

Your practitioner can gain valuable knowledge to enhance your care from Dr. Khan who is a recognized expert in the field of integrative medicine and one of the world leaders in the growing field of metabolic cancer therapy.

Dr. Khan has authored several leading publications about the clinical use of dichloroacetate (DCA) as a metabolic cancer therapy in humans. Dr. Khan was the first in the world to publish in peer-reviewed journals: the quality of life benefits of DCA (elimination of severe pain with cancer of unknown primary), synergism of DCA with radiation leading to cure (stage 4 kidney cancer), effectiveness of intravenous DCA in advanced cancers (case series examining sarcoma, pancreatic neuroendorcine carcinoma and colon carcinoma), long-term disease stabilization potential of DCA (case reports of stage 4 melanoma and colon carcinoma) and clinical success of simultaneous glucose and glutamine blocking (as proposed by Prof. Thomas Seyfried). Dr. Khan also published the first case report in the world of long-term complete remission of adenoid cystic carcinoma using only low dose naltrexone (LDN) and high dose vitamin D.

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Practitioner/research consultation with our Medical Director Dr. Khan. Topics may include management of cancer or other chronic disease, prevention or anti-aging, Honest straight-forward advice not biased by peer pressure from physicians, economics, pressure or incentives from the cancer industry.

Total 1 hour of time to be divided as requested. Conducted by video or phone call.

For cancer: includes a review of research on specific topics (based on published evidence and extensive experience) such as advanced primary or secondary cancer prevention methods, latest knowledge of advanced cancer therapies (metabolic therapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy), review of true risks and benefits of specific conventional therapy regimens, assistance with interpreting recommendations of oncologists / specialists, and other research topics as needed.

Advice can be provided to your practitioner for treatment planning. The practitioner can use the advice in any way they deem appropriate. No medical advice is provided to the patient. There is no doctor-patient relationship with this consultation.

Please have your practitioner contact Dr. Khan by email to arrange a time for consultation:

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