Please review our shipping policy fully before purchasing any products or services for delivery. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

Thank you.

Manager, Medicor Cancer Centres

Orders are normally shipped within 2 business days of payment. For medication repeats, please order in time to avoid running short.

Prescription and non-prescription medications should be shipped by overnight shipping for your protection. Exposure to temperature extremes over several days in transit could compromise the quality of the medication. Some medications are affected by excess heat and others are affected by freezing temperatures, so it is important to minimize transit time.

Medicor is not responsible for delays caused by the shipping company. We will send you a tracking number via automated email. Check your junk mail folder if you have not received it promptly after placing an order.

If you are paying by credit card, please ensure that the shipping and billing addresses are the same to avoid delaying your order. We suggest you ship to addresses registered with your credit card. For Canada Post orders, valid government-issued identification is required for pick up from your local post office.

If you are sending a gift, please call the customer service phone number on the back of your credit card, and request that your desired shipping address is added to your credit card profile. This will avoid delays in the processing of your order.

Once an item leaves the Medicor facility and a tracking number is provided, the package becomes the responsibility of the shipping company. Delays, damaged items or delivery errors caused by the shipping company are beyond our control.

Missing Shipments
We must confirm that you, your concierge, or your local post office box does not have possession of your package before we can start an investigation. First you must submit a declaration to us in writing (e.g. email or fax) that you have not received the package. We will submit this to the shipping company. The shipper will require your confirmation of all information. We must ensure your package is lost before re-sending any items (there is a possibility that the package remains in a depot and could be delivered soon).

Shipping Outside Canada
Medicor is not responsible for any import taxes, duties, broker fees or any other costs resulting from importation of our products. It is the buyer’s responsibility to confirm such fees prior to ordering. Medicor is not responsible for customs refusing to allow import of a package. The buyer is responsible to confirm that the items ordered are permitted to be imported prior to placing an order.