Smokers: Don't Quit, Change!

Make the switch to a satisfying alternative today!

Make the Switch Today.

To truly confront the idea of preventing cancer we have to look at strategies to adjust our lifestyles. We are pleased to be one of the key cancer centres that advocate “changing” the habit of smoking instead of “quitting”. Let us show you how.

Prevention is the New Cure.

What if there was a simple test that could find any cancer in it’s infancy – before it takes hold?
What if the test could pin-point the type of cancer found?

CANCER - Possibly the Scariest Word to Hear

Friends, loved ones, yourself – no one is safe. What’s the alternative?

You hear it often: prevention is the best medicine! We all know that quitting smoking can lead to a reduced chance of cancer just as we know that eating right and exercise can make us healthier but making the necessary changes in our lifestyle is not always easy.

Early prevention, early detection.

The major challenge with any cancer is detection—80% of cancers are detected in their 3rd or 4th stage leaving only aggressive therapies to aid in cancer management. Prevent-Cancer is taking the concept of cancer and turning the tide when it comes to health management. At our affiliated medical centres converting lifestyles that may promote cancer to ones that defend against the disease is your best alternative.

Prevention is the new cure. This site’s intent is to provide you with the tools that can help you better manage the onset of cancer before it becomes a reality and through early diagnosis allow you the best opportunity to treat and possibly reverse the disease.


“I feel better, I can actually breathe better, and I started my work out. Eating extremely healthy. Doing great. Thanks for introducing me to this amazing e-cig. And I quit that nasty dangerous habit of smoking cigarettes, and smelling  nasty.  I can smell, and have started to taste better. Thanks once again.”  Aug/17



” I have quit smoking after 25 years…the e-cig actually works. And thanks to you for offering it to me. I realized many different aspects of my life without the cigarette, i don’t smell like an ashtray. Blessings to you, and you staff.”  Aug/17



“I have been smoking for 34 years. I have tried to quit smoking with devices, drugs, nicotine gum and numerous “cold turkey” attempts. Two weeks was the longest that I had lasted without smoking. At a visit to Medicor with my wife, the doctor suggested trying the SV e-cigarette. For two weeks, I thought about the suggestion, and decided that it was worth a try because I believed I needed to quit, and because it was suggested and endorsed by Medicor. Upon buying the e-cigarette, I finished the remaining cigarettes that I had, and after that, began using the e-cigarette.

I found that it took the edge off, and it turns out that for me, it became a parachute. It’s been about 4 months, and I haven’t smoked cigarettes since starting the e-cigarette, and I’ve completely lost the urge to smoke cigarettes and I have no more morning phlegm and cough. Furthermore, using the e-cigarette has been an easy transition for me, and I have had no difficulty with it. I am thankful to the Medicor staff for making me aware of this alternative, for providing me with a quality product and for the fact that it truly worked for me.”  Nov/16


Medicor and our staff make no claim that e-cigarettes are quit smoking devices. The quotes above are actual customer comments, which only reflect the customers’ personal opinions and experiences. Every person’s experience is unique. Minor spelling and grammar errors have been corrected.