Integrative Wellness Consultation


Health and Wellness or Disease Prevention consultation at the Sano Via / Medicor Office. For cancer, see Cancer Consultation.

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In-person consultation at the Sano Via / Medicor office for health and wellness or disease prevention. For cancer management, see Cancer Consultation. Includes a review of medical history, targeted examination, review of relevant medical reports, and integrative management plan.

Strategies may include any or all of the following: supporting immune function, supporting mitochondrial function, nutritional support, hormone balancing, chronic infection detection and management, detoxification, chronic pain management, supporting blood and lymphatic circulation, supporting healthy neurotransmitter function, supporting rapid healing and repair. Issues are addressed with natural medicines, nutritional changes, mind-body medicine and gentle allopathic medicines.

Examples: medical ozone therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), low dose naltrexone, dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), high dose vitamin D, alpha lipoic acid, i.v. vitamin C, amino acid infusion, silver hydrosol, glyphosate measurement and detoxification, heavy metal detoxification (EDTA, DMSA, natural methods).

Please download and complete our New Patient Forms and return them to the office by email or fax. After we receive the forms and payment is confirmed, the consultation will be arranged.