HonoPure 500mg, 120 capsules


HonoPure (honokiol) 500mg per capsule, 1 bottle containing 120 capsules.


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HonoPure is pure honokiol, a highly active extract derived from Magnolia officinalis bark. Extensive published research shows pure honokiol works through multiple unique mechanisms to deliver unparalleled benefits for numerous areas of health.

Immune Support and Modulation
Pure honokiol is shown to offer direct immune support, while at the same time helping to modulate and balance immune activity for optimal response.

GABA and Neurological Support
HonoPure pure honokiol crosses the blood-brain barrier and supports GABA activity, to promote a sense of calm and encourage deep, restful sleep. Research also shows pure honokiol blocks the production of neuro-toxins, and promotes the growth and development of healthy nerve cells.

Critical Oncology Support
Pure honokiol is shown to promote favorable cell and gene signaling pathways, providing critical benefits for cellular health and oncology support.

Mitochondrial Health Benefits
Pure honokiol is shown to support mitochondrial function in cells, with benefits for healthy gene expression, cellular and cardiovascular health, neurological function, aging, and metabolic regulation.

HonoPure may be prescribed by your Medicor physician as part of your treatment. In this case it is not HST taxable. Please see Excise Tax Act for details.

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