Maintrac Circulating Tumour Cell Count


Maintrac® CTC count allows a direct assessment of microscopic cancer activity. It can check the effectiveness of the therapy being used. Relapses can be detected early and treatment adjusted promptly. Requires a blood draw from your healthcare professional (or a visit to the Medicor office on Monday or Tuesday), then ship FedEx to Germany. Prepaid FedEx Pack is included.


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Maintrac® circulating tumour cell count (CTC count) measures live cancer cells in the blood circulation. It is designed for epithelial tumours (carcinomas), but also works for brain cancers and sarcomas. Maintrac cannot be used for lymphoma, leukemia or myeloma.

Maintrac CTC count provides more information than scans or blood cancer markers alone (like CEA or CA19-9) about the status of the cancer. Maintrac CTC count can measure microscopic cancer and changes in response to therapy, even when no tumours are visible on a scan or when immunotherapy causes false readings on a scan!

Maintrac CTC count can be used in the following cases:

  1. Before cancer surgery to determine if radical surgery or limited surgery is more appropriate.
  2. After cancer surgery to determine if addition therapy is needed.
  3. Before and after medical therapy (any type) to determine therapy effectiveness.
  4. For patients in remission to determine if the cancer is stable or starting to grow (before any new tumours appear on a scan)

Download Maintrac Circulating Tumour Cell Count Instructions for Existing Medicor / Sano Via Patients here.

Download Maintrac Circulating Tumour Cell Count Instructions for New Patients here.

Please note that failure to follow the instructions precisely will delay your testing.


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