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Let's clear the air.

Smoking cigarettes. So easy to start, yet so hard to stop.
We get it. Habits, especially bad ones, are hard to break.
But, there is another option.

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Don't quit. Change.

You’ve smoked for years and know the risks.
But, you’re ready for a change.
Medicor Cancer Centres is the first cancer
clinic to promote vaping as a safer alternative to smoking.

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Make the switch today.

To truly confront the idea of preventing cancer we have to look at
strategies to adjust our lifestyles. We are pleased to be one of the
key cancer centres that advocate “changing” the habit of smoking
instead of “quitting”. Let us show you how.

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Prevention is the new cure.

What if there was a sure fire method to screen for cancer in it’s infancy—before it takes hold?
What if there was a test that accurately pin pointed the type of cancer found?
What if after surgery and either radiation or chemotherapy, a test conclusively
indicated that your body was clear of cancer?

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CANCER - Possibly the Scariest Word to Hear

Friends, loved ones, yourself – no one is safe. What’s the alternative?

You hear it often: prevention is the best medicine! We all know that quitting smoking can lead to a reduced chance of cancer just as we know that eating right and exercise can make us healthier but making the necessary changes in our lifestyle is not always easy.

Early prevention, early detection.

The major challenge with any cancer is detection—80% of cancers are detected in their 3rd or 4th stage leaving only aggressive therapies to aid in cancer management. Prevent-Cancer is taking the concept of cancer and turning the tide when it comes to health management. At our affiliated medical centres converting lifestyles that may promote cancer to ones that defend against the disease is your best alternative.

Prevention is the new cure. This site’s intent is to provide you with the tools that can help you better manage the onset of cancer before it becomes a reality and through early diagnosis allow you the best opportunity to treat and possibly reverse the disease.