Make the switch today.

For a truly superior electronic cigarette experience, SV starter kits come complete with everything you need and are fully customizable. Each kit is built with the latest battery technology designed to regulate energy to consistently deliver the best flavour and vapour. Enjoy the pleasures of vapour with our e-cigarette starter kits and leave the odour and ash behind.

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Prevention is the new cure.

What if there was a sure fire method to screen for cancer in it’s infancy—before it takes hold? What if there was a test that accurately pin pointed the type of cancer found? What if after surgery and either radiation or chemotherapy, a test conclusively indicated that your body was clear of cancer?

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Let's clear the air.

Smoking cigarettes. So easy to start, yet so hard to stop. We get it. Habits, especially bad ones, are hard to break. But, there is another option.

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Don't quit. Change.

You’ve smoked for years and know the risks. But, you’re ready for a change. Medicor Cancer Centres is the first cancer clinic to promote vaping as a safer alternative to smoking.

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Featured Product

Amigo Sub Kit
Available in 2 Colours, Black & Silver. Great starting system for vaping. Easy to use, Full Power 50W The new 50w sub kit comes with everything you need to make the switch. This premium vaporizer produces more vapour than any other comparable product and gives you the flavour and experience you want. The easy-to-use design and high quality finishes provides you with a classy device that can go with you anywhere. Bundle includes the amigo 50w sub ohm battery 2200 Mah, amigo rt sub tank with removable drip-tip, two sub coils, and a usb charging cable. Learn More