Cancer. No laughing matter.

Being diagnosed with cancer is like embarking on a long and frightening journey into the unknown. A journey that will ultimately bring you face-to-face with an opponent too big to defeat and too fast to run away from. But, what if you could prevent cancer instead of having to fight it?

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Prevention. The new cure.

Each one of us have been touched with cancer in some way. A relative, a friend or even our significant other. As a disease, if cancer is present everything comes to a crushing halt. No matter what the industry says, there currently isn’t a definitive cure. The physical, mental, emotional and financial stresses are enough the crush individuals and families and that certainly is no laughing matter.

While there is no cure yet,  we remain hopeful — there is PREVENTION and, as we like to say at Medicor Cancer Centres, Prevention is the new cure.

What do we mean exactly? With all of the science at our disposal, cancer diagnosis is dependent on your physician being able to first interpret the symptoms, and then screen for various cancers using sophisticated radiological and lab tests. Here’s the rub. Cancer has to have already to have started to grow in order to identify it. Following diagnosis, cancer is placed on a scale of 1 through 4. The outcome being associated length of survival attributed to the Stage that the cancer is at. When indicated, Stage 1 cancer has a greater survivability than Stage 4.

The Good News

What if there was a sure fire method to screen for cancer in it’s infancy—before it takes hold? What if there was a test that accurately pin pointed the type of cancer found? What if after surgery and either radiation or chemotherapy, a test conclusively indicated that your body was clear of cancer?

We’re here to tell you that as of February 2016 the ONCOblot® test is available for use in Canada through Medicor Cancer Centres. ONCOblot® will indicate whether you are clear of cancer or not.

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Test to Be Sure

The ONCOblot® test is a simple, non-invasive blood test that confirms the very early presence of these 25 types of cancer.

Thyroid Follic
Squamous - Cello
Squamous - Cello
Lung - SC & Non-SC
Uterus Endometrical
Prevent Cancer

Prevent Cancer