Telemedicine Cancer Consultation


Telemedicine written consultation for non-toxic cancer management.


Telemedicine consultation for cancer management. Includes a review of current history, past medical history, family history, current medications, allergies, current symptoms, review of relevant medical reports, and preparation of a prevention/treatment plan.

May include any or all of the following off-label medicines: oral or i.v. sodium dichloroacetate (DCA), low dose naltrexone (LDN), medical ozone therapy, silver nanoparticle therapy, i.v. dimethysulfoxide (DMSO), i.v. glutathione, artemisia, nano-carbon curcumin, MSM/mineral complex, caffeic acid, oleanolic acid, sodium phenylbutyrate, metformin, high dose vitamin C (i.v. and liposomal), high dose liposomal coenzyme Q10, glutathione, PolyMVA, nanoparticle immunotherapy cream.

Advanced diagnostic recommendations may include: measurement of heavy metal toxicity, measurement of glyphosate toxicity, DNA-PCR for detection of chronic infections, comprehensive urine hormone profiling, measurement vitamin D level, measurement of chronic inflammation, bowel organism / pathogen profile, measurement of intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”), cancer drug sensitivity testing and molecular profiling, circulating tumour cell count (CTC).

Please download and complete our New Patient Forms and return them to the office by email or fax. After we receive the forms and payment is confirmed, the consultation will be completed. A detailed written consultation report will be prepared and delivered by email.