IBSupport, 60 capsules


IBSupport bowel formula, 1 bottle containing 60 capsules.


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IBSupport™ contains an immune system stimulator which won’t be destroyed by the stomach acid to stimulate the rapid growth of beneficial bacteria (helps balance the gut flora).  Unique approach to heal bowel problems:
1) Stabilizes the colon’s nervous system
2) Balances the gut flora
3) Strengthens the immune system
4) Reinforces the colon mucous membrane

Breakthrough formula combined a time-tested herbal blend with the clinically tested immune system stimulator. A result of 25 years of Integrative Medicine research by master herbalists/medical doctors and many scientists/inventors.

Produced in the USA, in FDA Registered Facility, under GMP guidelines, no gluten, lactose, preservatives, food colors or any harmful chemicals; Since 2012, no clinically known side effects or interactions with other supplements

IBSupport may be prescribed by your Medicor physician as part of your treatment. In this case it is not HST taxable. Please see Excise Tax Act for details.

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