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Medicor’s medical director discovered SV products in Phoenix in 2014 while at a cancer conference. After bringing home some SV e-cigarette kits for smokers to try, he was surprised by the ease of transition from regular cigarettes to SV e-cigarettes. That prompted a review of the latest e-cigarette research to determine their potential in the fight against cancer. He was impressed with the extent of research that had been conducted, and the favourable findings in formal studies. This led to a decision to make SV products available in Canada.

This was not a simple decision, because the e-cigarette industry is largely unregulated and all e-cigs are not created equal in flavour or quality. We have discovered that many prominent e-cigarettes don’t deliver the satisfaction and enjoyment needed to make an effortless transition away from tobacco. Furthermore, there were no doctor-written guidelines to help smokers choose optimal nicotine levels, which was another barrier to effective e-cig use.

SV’s strict manufacturing philosophy was extremely important in helping Medicor management decide that this was the e-cig brand we wanted to carry. We now offer SV products to smokers to help them make the transition to a smoke-free lifestyle without compromising pleasure. We have also created the world’s first doctor-written SV e-cigarette nicotine dose guidelines for smokers!

At Medicor, we have begun to collect observational data to establish how SV users respond to the products, and how their smoking habits are changed. Feedback will be requested from smokers to determine whether SV e-cigarettes effectively remove the things that people despise about smoking (ash, smoke, yellow teeth, bad breath, stinky clothes) and replace them with stimulation of the senses through the tactile feel of the products, vibrant color and design, and satisfying flavours.

About SV

We at SV are focused on solving the emotional pain of being ostracized as a smoker through removing the things that all people despise about smoking (no odor, no ash, no bad smell, no smoke, no yellow teeth, no bad breath, no stinky clothes) and replacing it with stimulation of the senses through the tactile feel of the product, the vibrant color & design, and the love of delicious satisfying flavor.

Make no mistake – Nicotine, like caffeine, has its place.  Coffee isn’t all the same and neither are electronic cigs.

We are not instant canned coffee, we are the gourmet coffee house of our industry.  We obsess and specialize in colorful, bold, delicious flavors like grape, vanilla, strawberry, coffee, green apple, watermelon, and amazing minty menthols.  And like a gourmet chef, we shine when it comes to rich satisfying real tobacco taste.  Yes we have a style all our own.  And at its core, the desire is about the flavor and the experience.  The freedom to enjoy inhaling the sweet vapor flavor of your choice that caresses your taste buds and stimulates your mind.

SV is at the forefront of the revolution in this industry. We have been in business since the industry began.  We are not Big Tobacco.  Rather, we are the artisans and appreciators.  We are our customers and we are at your service.  We are the ones who relish flavor, who care what the customer wants, who pay attention to what goes into the formula.  We listen, we tweak, we make sure that the flavor received exceeds even what was desired.  We are here to exceed expectations and welcome the ostracized back into the arms of social acceptance and into a unique, accepted, refined way of enjoying their morning jolt or after dinner refreshment.

So join Our Family & Our Revolution.  Be bold. Embrace your freedom. Find your flavor.

SV Management Team: Geoff Habicht, President and Chief Operating Officer (left), Devin Gusich, Director of Sales and Marketing (center) and Zach Ellashek, Warehouse and Shipping Manager (right).
Dr. Khan with SV President Geoff Habicht after a business meeting in Phoenix in 2015.
SV Management having a little fun after meeting with Dr. Khan in 2015.

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Amigo Mini Sub Kit

Introducing the perfect sub starter kit. The simple operation of this sub kit makes it ideal for customers wanting to get into a sub ohm vape. The profile fits perfect in your hand and easily in your pocket. Mini Driptide tank with dual airflow allows for a smooth subtle vape or open it wide for huge clouds and intense flavours.

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