Standard screening test: NONE

  • Known risk factors Asbestos exposure (workers in asbestos mines or mills, construction workers, carpenters and painters, shipyard workers, cement plant workers, insulation workers, electricians, plumbing and heating tradespeople, demolition workers, automotive industry workers, including brake and clutch repair workers.)
  • Working in buildings where asbestos was present and was disturbed during renovations.
  • Living near an asbestos mine or mill.
  • Passing of asbestos fibres on workers clothing to family members.

Additional facts & information:

5 Year Survival

Survival data by stage not available from National Cancer Institute

Survival by age

  • Age < 65 – 18%
  • Age 65 and over – 6%

About 13% of cases are diagnosed late, at stage 3 or stage 4.