Standard screening test: NONE

  • An estimated 6200 new cases of kidney cancer occur in Canada per year. Incidence are estimated to be increasing for pancreas and kidney cancer.
  • Increase in incidence may be driven by changes in the prevalence of or exposure to risk factors and/or changes in diagnostic practices. Smoking, excess weight, physical inactivity, poor diet, alcohol consumption and infections continue to be important cancer prevention targets for the purpose of reducing incidence and disease-related costs. Additional etiological research is needed to better understand the reason for increasing incidence in order to help guide risk reduction efforts.

Additional facts & information:

5 Year Survival

  • Stage 0 – no data
  • Stages 1&2 – 93%
  • Stage 3 – 66%
  • Stage 4 – 12%

About 32% of cases are diagnosed late at stage 3 or stage 4.