SV E-Liquid Information


SV e-liquids are liquids designed to produce flavourful vapour resembling cigarette smoke (but without the toxins present in real cigarette smoke). E-liquids are also known as “e-juice”. They come in many different satisfying flavours and 6 strengths of nicotine: high (2.4%), medium (1.8%), low (1.2%), extra-low (0.6% and 0.3%) and zero. SV e-liquids contain only FDA-approved and Health Canada-approved food additives and vapour-producing ingredients. Medicor is able to dispense nicotine e-liquids in Canada legally by compounding locally under the supervision of a physician.

For moderate to heavy smokers, we recommend Red Tobacco or Classic Tobacco e-liquid flavours to start, since they provide a natural cigarette taste to ease your transition. Red Tobacco is closer to full strength cigarettes and Classic Tobacco is closer to light cigarettes. After that, add more flavours to your liking. For light smokers, you may start with any of your favourite e-liquid flavours!

Important: if you are an experienced e-cigarette user and enjoy frequently puffing large vapour clouds, you should consider the extra-low nicotine e-juice for use in the full-sized tanks. This is to avoid nicotine overdose.