SV Cartridge Information


SV e-cigarette cartridges are pre-filled with 1ml of flavoured e-liquid. They come in 15 different flavours and 4 strengths of nicotine: high (2.4%), medium (1.8%) low (1.2%) and zero. In Canada,  only the zero nicotine flavour cartridges are currently permitted. If you are outside Canada, you may order any nicotine strength that your local customs will allow you to import. Please check your local laws before ordering.

The advantage of cartridges is ease of use – just screw onto the battery and you are ready to vape. The disadvantage (in Canada) is no nicotine. Therefore, zero nicotine cartridges are recommended for light smokers in Canada. For moderate to heavy smokers we recommend Red Tobacco or Classic Tobacco cartridges with nicotine to start. (Canadians will have to use a tank with Red Tobacco e-liquid or Classic Tobacco e-liquid instead of a cartridge.) These flavours provide a natural cigarette taste to ease your transition. Red Tobacco is closer to regular cigarettes and Classic Tobacco is closer to light cigarettes. After starting with a tobacco flavour, add more flavours to your liking. For light smokers, you may start with any of your favourite flavours.