SV Battery Information


SV batteries are designed to power your e-cigarette. Medicor currently has 2 main SV battery types: the slender XL battery and the larger Pandora battery.

The XL batteries contain a microprocessor and air flow sensor, so they activate your e-cigarette automatically when you inhale. This gives the most natural vaping experience. They are also compact, resembling the size of a regular cigarette.

The Pandora batteries require you to press a button to activate your e-cigarette when you inhale. They are much larger than the slim XL batteries, and as a result will last much longer before needing a re-charge.  Finally, their power output is adjustable, to allow experienced users to fine-tune their vaping experience.

The slim XL batteries will work with cartridges or mini-tanks, not full-sized tanks. The Pandora  batteries will work with cartridges and all tanks, and require you to adjust their settings correctly depending on what you attach to them (cartridge or mini-tank or full-sized tank).

The slim XL batteries require a separate charger, but the Pandoras have a built-in charger and just need to be plugged in to a USB port with a cable.

Note: if you are using the slim XL battery, we highly recommend keeping at least 1 extra on hand, fully charged. You don’t want to be caught with a discharged battery when you feel the need to vape. Then you may be encouraged to revert back to regular cigarettes.